Saturday, April 24, 2010


Who are these Strangers? I have been seeking information about my Ancestors and their kin for many years. They have become so familiar to me that I think of them as "Friends". In fact, I have never met most of them. Most of them had passed on long before I was born and yet, they seem so familiar, so close. I almost feel that I could call them up or visit them. I want to speak with them, to say, "Hi Grt-Grandpa Dan! Please tell me about your family."

While researching my family and others I have read stories about their lives, "Family Traditions". These stories are always more interesting than the Facts. I often wonder if I can find proof of traditions. I think I can. In some cases I have. That is always a thrill.

The main purpose of this Blog is to present some of these Traditions, to prove them if I can. I welcome any input here. Do you have a Family Tradition that is interesting or that you have found some proof for? If so, I hope that you will share these with me. My other purpose is to present the stories of families as a narrative. I have presented genealogical information on most of these families elsewhere. Here you can read the stories of the lives of these Ancestors.

My Ancestors begin with my parents and go back far into time. On my Mother's side some surnames are BAYLESS, HUDSON, BENNETT, WISE, TUNNELL, MONEY, etc. I know little about my Father's family but his ancestors include RIBLING, PETERSON and possibly OLSON.

My first Tale will be about a RIBLING tradition and how I proved the truth of it.

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